Swa Sanyam…literally translated as self control!!

I felt like speaking out my mind about it today. I agree time has changed, I am becoming old, lifestyles changed, its a global village with a cultural mix..still I always had a question, which culture tells us to give up values!? again values are quite relative as it may differ for different individuals, countries and cultures.

I know its very complicated to write. May be I am unable to express it aptly..but, few incidences made me give it a thought. I came across few very young girls and boys in my city, Pune (which proudly is a city of technology and culture, both!) who seemed have given up all family values normally Indian culture expects to possess, all shame, all fears and lost self control..ohh I wish they don’t behave that way in public places at least!

What we are taught from child hood is postponement of gratification..having patience to achieve things at right time. I call it Swa-sanyam! I seriously feel the urge to inculcate it in my child as well all children in my family. Many of you may not agree but, swa- sanyam is required in certain things to maintain a healthy society and prevent vulgarity at public places.

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