Take ME As I am…

Take ME as I am,

Take my life

I would give it all,

I would sacrifice…

I was listening to the popular track ‘Everything I do..Do it for you’ by Brian Adams shared by a close friend; and my mind is still stuck in above stanza. I felt Brian Adams is singing my mind..

Take Me as I am! Take me with all the goodness, and also my imperfections! I never was perfect, I knew it. I strived for perfection in my behaviour, my studies, my work, my relations and my social life. But, its life and to err is human. I made mistakes. I cried. I laughed at them. I fell down. I got up and walked again. Every time I decided that I don’t wish to commit the same mistake again and with that perfect mindset committed a new mistake!! Hahaha…I really laugh out loud at that when I look back at my life.

I always feel that why we strive for perfection so much? Is it really necessary to make everything on time, to the perfection? I always felt stressed up though I myself am very punctual and a perfectionist and always ended up getting stressed up. May be because all those efforts were made with an intent to become like someone, do it like someone, sing like someone, write like someone, dress like someone…..oh my god…I was making such a big  mistake! I wasn’t really myself and was trying to be like someone and that was really stressing me to limits.

Then came a day when I realized the key to handle it…I accepted myself as I AM!! I accepted that I am imperfect and need not stress myself to know every secrete of the earth! I need not know all that goes around me! I cannot make every one around me happy, some are bound to remain unhappy in spite of my hard efforts! It really worked to a great extent. I accepted it and woke up everyday with a smile and faced the day. It gave me confidence to even smile in worst situations and I feel I could handle it better than before; because, it was the real ME everywhere, who understood herself better and could do better everyday than yesterday without getting stressed up!!

It’s just that if we are human beings and may commit mistakes. We learn and walk towards perfections with practice. But, if we are accepted by ourselves and people around us ‘as we are’, life really becomes easy. Similarly, I too accept my family, my friends, my colleagues, and even strangers as they are….coz that’s the way they are!! I try to put myself in their shoes and think…and I understand them better. I can then give my best in the relationship…may it be as a daughter, wife, friend, or even mother!!

Its good to have idols and be like them. But, its important to accept our selves as we are, too!

ACCEPTANCE means a lot to me and it works as a motivator!

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