Happy Valentines Day!!

I saw you first time in library…not so romantic place to realize that I had a crush!!

I saw the confidence in your eyes…you being lost in books…debates…your flair for your subject…your passion in it..

I was lost! You won my heart and I tried my best to see u often and hence was regular at library! that didn’t won me my love, but surely increased my credits and rank!! Though I never spoke a single word with you nor expressed it…I feel you knew it already. It made my life beautiful for few days…and it kept happening at different stages of life !! I laugh at it when I look back at life! That’s love..it just happens and doesn’t ask your permission. You do crazy things, feel lost, drowned in it…it has its own magic. Even if you may or may not achieve it for life, you must experience love at least once in life!

With our age, our definitions of love change. If doubt it, ask ‘what is love’ to different age groups and you will get amazing replies. With age, we mature and our concept of love gets broadened…we move from physical attraction to emotional togetherness and care. I found LOVE amazing at all stages of my life!!

I today wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY…with whatever you feel LOVE is and whoever you find it in…make the best out of it…give the best to your love…cherish moments…live the togetherness!! God bless u!!

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Happy Soul ...who loves to connect & express

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