Being Strong…

Being strong is a quality…not necessarily inherent, but, can be inculcated in our personality by our own efforts and sometimes it comes automatically due to life situations.

Its all nothing but, a game of mind! Its all about our will power to overcome adversities in life. Stronger our urge to live, to be happy, to be someone, to achieve something…stronger will be the efforts and results, too!

I agree that life is a roller coaster ride…it really increases the adrenaline levels at times! but, being calm and balanced and not losing patience through out, is the skill. We certainly can achieve it with efforts, if its not a born gift!

Share, discuss, read, empathize, observe people…how others do it and that too, helps. No matter I agree that everyone wears his own shoes!

Life is very precious…time runs…crying, cribbing and worrying doesn’t solve problems, but, being strong and facing it does!!

Love your self, love life…be strong & don’t forget to be kind and being positive! coz, what you give, what you think about yourself and others.. comes back to you!!

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4 thoughts on “Being Strong…”

  1. Very well said. Just keep it up . Thanks for shareng your views/thoughts about life.It realy helps to boosup . The spark is increasing day by day to become Volcano???


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