The Power of POSITIVITY…

When we tolerate negativity in our life, we get more of it! so break the cycle before it breaks us…said Di Riseborough!

I will step further and say get out of negativity first and then only you will be able to experience the power of positivity in life.

Stop thinking -ve..stop watching -ve and close your MIND if someone around you talking -ve…even quit the room if it has -ve discussions!!

You never know, when that powerful moment in the Universe catches your one thought and brings it in reality. So, its always better to think positive and let that happen with the power of positivity and power of universe!

Wish you all a Happy day and week filled with POSITIVITY!!

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2 thoughts on “The Power of POSITIVITY…”

  1. Yes Amar, positivity has tremendous power which we fail to realise. If we start just thinking positive, things do happen it that way. I have experienced it myself!! Hence, I try my best to think and act positively and keep sharing about it.


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