Do I Know Myself ??!!

Oh..stupid it may sound…but, a key question one needs to ask himself at different stages of life..earlier the better!!

Can we really know ourselves? our identity is created first by our family..HE or SHE is like this…HE or SHE likes that..and we are living in this world with a given name…or with a name liked by others and growing with the thoughts of what others will think about us or how others perceive us. Does it really give us time to really really know what we are? Who we are?

How many of us stumble at the question in our job application form or while writing our resume about our positives / strengths and negatives/ weaknesses?

How many of us lie when they pen down their hobbies??

I am sure, I will have some company of people saying YES for above questions!!

While studying organizational behavior (I studied it more during my teaching career) I got to finally understand clearly the concept of ‘Knowing yourself and Knowing Others’. I realized, the problem in most of the issues that keep bugging us everyday lies either in the two! Either the conflict arises because we don’t know our own nature completely….or we are misunderstanding other person or not knowing him completely..this behavioral theory is quite lengthy one to explain…

but, in simple words, first I tried to write down about myself, my likes, dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses (what I thought), my reactions to specific actions/ incidences, and tried to analyze…but, is it enough? It is not necessary that others are knowing me the way I do! Means, they may have different answers if asked about myself, they may perceive me is the point!! If there is a huge gap between answers penned down by you about yourself, and answers from your siblings, close friends, colleagues, etc., understand that either you don’t know yourself or they have misunderstood you; and problems in relationships are bound to come…

However, we need not worry much, if we are able to know ourselves properly, still half the problems are solved!

( be continued)

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